Guangdong Business Leaders Roundtable
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Business leaders, counseling agencies listed Guangdong
Fei Yang IDG Capital General Partner
Investment Areas
IDG Capital’s investment covers various industries that benefited from Chinese economic development, which includes:
Consumer Products & Services: Consumer Brands, Chain Stores & Retail ...
Counseling companies listed on the unit:
Baidu,Digital China,,tudou,QQ
Guangdong business leaders CNY Worship, 2014 GZ brand top 100 list Conference
2013 Guangdong Business Leaders annual economic figures for dinner
In 2013 9--11 Month activities
Business leader visits Guangdong
Guangdong Business Leader golf tournament
Guangdong Business Leaders Magazine
Guangdong Business Conference
Guangdong Merchants celebrities
Dynamic Business Leader Guangdong
Business leaders active video Guangdong
Business leaders, corporate promotional video Guangdong
Guangdong Olympic and Asian Games torch Business Leaders
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Support business-friendly city Guangdong
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