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    State Intellectual Property Office of the United States patent application by popular


    With the increasingly importance of intellectual property, the company launched in 2010 to protect their inventions by the law of intellectual property protection programs. New Winter 2010 "Jane. Ya" series of products before going public early, the company submitted to the State Intellectual Property Office, the patent application documents, and folders in 7 double-loop applications received at the end of the notice of acceptance for utility model patents and 10 product design patent application for the notification of acceptance.
    By law, an invention once applied for and received patents for the protection of coercive power by the State, any person without the permission of the patentee, shall not implement its patent infringement, or face legal sanctions.
    The company of "Jane. Ya" series of products patent protection for product design and upgraded to an unprecedented height. Not only a design patent application, the shape of products to enhance protection; also the theme of this new product in the inherent broke the previous type of design innovative products - the double loop folder, by applying for utility model patents, the folder structure on the double loop to strengthen the protection.