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Hope that first emerged --- "San Pablo 300 points hope love charity fund" Project officially launched 

    The afternoon of September 28, "San Pablo 300 points hope love charity fund" in Guangzhou Sohu studio project was officially launched, on-site video conferencing system connecting the company, Sohu users and dealers of San Pablo friend's concern, the simple without losing the grand launching ceremony of the successful completion of the project. Wu Dong start of the project background, project a far-reaching significance of the umbrella, and announced at the October 1, 2010 date, the project was officially launched; president of Han Fu LOGO detailed the content of the project, project operation, control and management of specific process, the initiative to sell the door for every 3 dollars to donate 300 hours of love put into charitable funds.
    At this point, "San Pablo 300 points hope love charity fund" the project has formally entered the implementation stage, companies continue to move forward as an important incentive power source, the door of San Pablo industry will provide the community with more quality doors and provide better services, so that our charity as to the business development boom, let São Paulo "truth, goodness and beauty" pass the love last forever.