State Logistics Co., Ltd. Guangdong

    Warmly celebrate Zhu Xinbang Logistics won the "National Civilized integrity of air transport sales agencies

    In order to guide the air transport sales agencies to improve and enhance service quality, and safeguard the passengers, the owner of the legitimate rights and interests, create a favorable market environment, a few days ago, Air China, the National Aeronautics Association Commission agents sales agents industry, organized a "National Civilized Credibility air transport sales agencies, "the selection of activities. The new State Logistics sustainable development in their own performance, advanced management concepts from a number of competitors, glory was "the integrity of civilization air transport sales agencies," the title.
    "Customer-oriented, smart distribution, beyond expectations, access to services." The future, the new State Logistics will make persistent efforts in the air transport sales agency credit management industry to establish a civilized system, improve our service standards and continuous efforts! Air transport sales agency for the healthy and orderly development of the market continue to make a positive contribution!