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 Di Cai another innovative book, "Fat of life" Exclusive Listing 




    Recently, Di Choi took the lead once again carried the heavy launch for - "Development of life" (GoldSPA) series. The series is expected in September to experience the country at the center of Di-color market.

Enjoy the experience is the product of gold demand SPA
    The new listing of the "hair of the life" series, in the terminal location for the top hair care products. There are five products, including a balanced shampoo, deep repair hair mask, abundance revitalizes hair cream, massage oil, and heat energy composite milk and so on.
    "Development of the life" series, from the tip of the Golden SPA salon hair care technology, for different damaged hair, to help consumers repair hair, hair balance. Aso fruit products contain simple essence oil and jojoba oil.
     Aso fruit oil ancient origin of the Amazon River basin in northern Brazil, with high water absorbing capacity, adjustable scalp and hair balance and activity. Jojoba oil taken from the Simmondsia chinensis fruit, with good stability, superior resistance to oxidation, easily absorbed by the hair scalp, jojoba oil is also rich in vitamins, nourishing and softening effect, the hair supple and glossy.
     These two components, "Development of the life" series of products provides a strong anchor effect. Through professional "net + support + Shu + care" in four areas, consumers can feel the luxury of gold brought SPA experience.

Strong ability to effectively ensure the terminal operation
     Innovative ideas, let Dicai Yong Li Chinese hairdressing industry forefront. Di Choi to experiential marketing into China daily chemical industry, both on the line and professional line strengths, unique in the industry.
     Di thousand hair color of the division, in the stores to provide consumers with professional pre-sale service. Good service, to ensure the success of each category of innovation. Meanwhile, there are strong color terminal Di operational capability and brand influence, which is di color accurate products and services over the years into the market, leading the industry trend of a strong guarantee.
     In another development, with the "hair of life" appear together, there elastin new family of stars - Bubble elastin. Properties of foam bubbles elastin in the use of dry hair, hair can easily shape the Q bomb volume, fluffy, curly, will be retaining one.
F    ollow hair trends, new products emerging, Di color will be "the first brand to create hair" on the road moving further and further solid.